GVNTMC is particularly strong in business in the field of computers, computer acessories and office equipment. GVNTMC has a team of highly qualified staffs who are able to meet all your needs even the harshest of customers. Moreover, GVNTMC staff are enthusiastic and have a very friendly attitude in customer service. When shopping at GVNTMC, you will satisfied feel completely in all aspects because GVNTMC always provide you the best thing.

  • Laptop, Desktops, Monitors.
  • Accessories: Speaker, Headset, Keyboard, Mouse, HDD External, USB, Memory card…
  • Office equipment: Printers,Fax machines, Scanners, Projectors, Shredders, Desk phones…
  • Bank equipment: Passbook, Pinpad, Money counter machine, Money bundle machine.
  • And other electronic and information technology equipment.

1- The right price: you will be received the PRICE GUARANTEE
2- Correct quality: You will be guaranteed the quality of the goods by CONTRACT WITH THE EXPLICIT OF THE ORIGIN PRODUCT AND THE CORRECT TECHNICAL FEATURES as offered.
3- Competitive Price: You will be purchased RETAIL amount at GOOD PRICES.

4- Service attitude: You will be served by GVNTMC in accordance with the guideline CUSTOMER IS THE BEST
5- Perfect service: You will enjoy the policies and modes of THE BEST SERVICE in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi.
If you have chosen to purchase and enjoy the policy, service mode GVNTMC even once, we believe and hope you will be satisfied in all aspects completely

6. Sales Process:
Step 1 – Cstomer contact via phone number or email of GVNTM C Staff or Manager
Step 2 – Receive information and make quotation and send to customers.
Step 3 – Confirmation, delivery equipment.
Step 4 – Hand-over, acceptance to the maintenance.